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About Us

We are a group of students from Lausanne and its surroundings, and our goal is to make healthy and responsible food more accessible.

There is no Planet B.

It is our duty to change our consumption habits !

Why is this so important to us?

We stand for the new generation and make the pledge to maximally decrease the human induced carbon footprint on the environment.

We embody change, and as we remain realistic in the face of existing challenges, we move forward intently focused on our vision.

We are not afraid to claim loud and clear that the destruction of our planet must cease, and that the time has come for us, the younger generation, to take our future in our own hands !

Notre mission

Our endeavor

We provide vending machines packed with responsible snacks, which meet the following criteria : they are healthy, locally produced, organic for the most part, and with alternative proteins.

Picture this : a student wishes to treat herself to a healthy snack. She inserts a bank note in the machine. Part of this amount goes directly to a local manufacturer, who will then be able to further develop his range. As our vision is to hire students exclusively, the rest of that sum will be destined to those in charge of refilling the vending machines, namely, young people.

Our project will thus create a movement which will bring together and unify students, regional actors and the collectivity. It is, therefore, the result of a multisectoral collaboration, with DÉLISS at its center. The creation of value will be fairly distributed to 3 parties : students, the state, and local actors, to all of whom our project will benefit, as follows :


For students : by providing them with jobs, as well as granting them an access at their fingertips to healthy and delicious products.


For sustainable local producers : by guaranteeing them fair remuneration, and enabling them to showcase their merchandise via our machines.


Finally, for the state (and the community at large) : by implementing citizen empowerment, a reduction of our food related carbon footprint, as well as creating durable employment and an economic boost to homegrown organic produce.

Our course

Our DÉLISS team firmly believes in our vision. That is why we have spent our time and money to try out and materialize our ideas, in order to demonstrate their feasibility. And today, we know that a growing trend amidst the new generation is yearning for an undertaking such as ours.

We need you !

What makes us stand out ?



Our enterprise is entirely student-managed; we are a young and innovating team who have at heart to offer healthy and creative alternatives to snacks and drinks, which go beyond the ordinary.



We strive to give full control of the project to youngsters ; we lend them the command of a company where they can responsibilize and be responsibilized .



The proven negative impacts on the environment and on animals of animal-derived products has driven DÉLISS to exclusively offer products with alternative proteins.


We are constantly on the lookout for new and original products which are much more than average. Our wish is for you to be able to enjoy tasty and inventive products with a good conscience. We are also currently implementing a unique system in order to reduce waste. More information to come.



We fight for the sake of future generations and are ready to roll up our sleeves in order to ensure a more just, inclusive, and most of all, a more sustainable tomorrow.


Economic spinoffs

Our business model rests on a supportive and sharing economy. We desire that the generated wealth remains within the following circle : “youth – producers – local community”. We wish to enable youngsters to take part in a project through which they can flourish, take accountability, and earn an income.


Our team

Our lovely team benefits from an optimal environment due to our diverse backgrounds.

Our strength resides in this complementarity and allows us to optimize an objective sharing of ideas and to maximize our productivity. In addition to our friendship, our common motivation is a desire to build something that responds to various current environmental, health and social issues.

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